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  1. BeeLogger - Windows

    Eu ia falar que eu ja tinha postado, ai lembrei que só postei no grupo do face uhsehueshuse
  2. comigo vc nem precisa de 90 segundos, gato rs up!
  3. BruteForce Cpanel


    @Sydney, não, nem uso IRC ;/
  5. O endereço de IP externo serve para identificar um dispositivo conectado à rede mundial de computadores, a Internet. O endereço de IP interno é utilizado na identificação de um computador, tablet ou celular ligado à uma rede interna, também conhecida como Intranet. Essa invasão que você quer fazer, necessitara do IP externo do alvo.. apenas para identificação e analise de possíveis vulnerabilidades em serviços que podem estar rodando naquela maquina. E não existe invadir por IP.
  6. cracker-router

    Tool para quebra senhas administrativas em roteadores wireless e switches, porém o roteador deve ser autenticado via JavaScript.
  7. (s)AINT is a Spyware Generator for Windows systems written in Java.
  8. Evil-Droid Framework | APK Payload Generator

    Evil-Droid is a framework that create & generate & embed apk payload to penetrate android platforms.
  9. This change includes a few changes needed to get a working iOS meterpreter stageless payload. Currently, you’ll need to run it on a jailbroken arm64 iPhone (e.g 5S+). Unless I’ve done something stupid locally the current mettle payload gem includes a working binary already, so no mettle payload update is needed.
  10. Free & Native Open Source C++ Remote Administration Tool for Windows Lilith is a console-based ultra light-weight RAT developed in C++. It features a straight-forward set of commands that allow for near complete control of a machine. Features Remote Command Execution via CMD Powershell Any other console app Keylogger (new) [16.09.2017] Execute predefined Scripts (new) [16.09.2017] Extreme Modularity (see this) Broadcast Commands to all Clients (new) [15.09.2017] Multiple Connections Low Latency & Bandwith use Auto-Install Startup Persistence Self-Erases Error-Handler with logs Tutorial
  11. trape

    People tracker on the Internet | Trape Demo
  12. MeterSSH – Meterpreter over SSH

    MeterSSH – Meterpreter over SSH MeterSSH is a way to take shellcode, inject it into memory then tunnel whatever port you want to over SSH to mask any type of communications as a normal SSH connection. The way it works is by injecting shellcode into memory, then wrapping a port spawned (meterpeter in this case) by the shellcode over SSH back to the attackers machine. Then connecting with meterpreter's listener to localhost will communicate through the SSH proxy, to the victim through the SSH tunnel. All communications are relayed through the SSH tunnel and not through the network.
  13. Ares – Python Botnet and Backdoor

    Ares is a Python Remote Access Tool. Warning: Only use this software according to your current legislation. Misuse of this software can raise legal and ethical issues which I don't support nor can be held responsible for. Ares is made of two main programs: A Command aNd Control server, which is a Web interface to administer the agents An agent program, which is run on the compromised host, and ensures communication with the CNC The Web interface can be run on any server running Python. The agent can be compiled to native executables using pyinstaller.
  14. Slurp - Enumerates S3 buckets manually or via certstream